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How to fit a PFD ...1-2-3 done!

Three step fit

Step 1 Loosen all straps and buckles.

Step 2 Put on the PFD and do up any front buckles or front zips (not including chest harnesses).

Step 3 Tighten all straps, starting from the waist and working your way upwards to the shoulder straps. Finish by sitting down and checking shoulder straps.

Gear for Paddlers

The year was 1979. The location: the Somerset coast. Inside a small shed with a leaky tin roof stood a figure, working hard and covered in a fine layer of glass fibre dust. This was Andy Knight, a man who wanted some better gear to take paddling, and had decided to make it himself. The sign on the door read ‘Palm Glass Fibre Mouldings Ltd’.

Just down the road from the shed, Andy can still be found working away on something new. The shed is now a little bigger, and many more figures toil away, but Andy and the team at Palm still work with the same determination and the same goal: making gear for paddlers.

Palm Equipment International Ltd is based in Somerset, England. From here we supply the Palm apparel brand, kayaks from Dagger, Islander and Wilderness Systems, canoes from Mad River Canoe, and Infinity inflatables – everything you need to take to the water.

Palm and our associated brands are available through a worldwide network of shops, activity centres and distributors. Palm products are designed in-house and made by those who share our values.

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