8003 - STR.2 - PETZL - Full body harness til voksne

Full body harness for adults For those who prefer a full body harness to protect against falls for all types of vertical recreational activities. This harness is designed for alpine climbing. 

Selling points • Wide, fl exible webbing • Fully adjustable shoulder straps and leg loops for precise fi t • Two fl exible equipment loops For retailers: - Available in two sizes - Reusable zippered sacks allow customers to try on harness while assuring a neat in-store display

Specifi cations CE, EN 12277 type A, UIAA 105 Made in Romainia. 3-year guarantee Sizes: 1 and 2 (see table for sizing) Weight: 580 g, 610 g Color: black Material: high-strength polyester webbing

849.00 DKK

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