sikkerhedsudstyr til kajakker og sejlere Pagajflyder Pumper Strobe light Træk- liner/ rescue

Reed - Sea Contact Line

Bugseringsline til hurtig bugsering.

Kort kontakt-line til hurtig tæt redning af en 
havkajak til en anden havkajak.

Hurtigudløser cam spænde med rem.
Justerbar længde.
Port & Starboard farvekodet webbing.
To krogfrie karabinere.
Billeder viser en Sea Contact Line med 
Argon karabinere. 
Et originalt Whetman Udstyr produkt. 
Lavet i Storbritannien. 
Kontakt Redning 
Kajak hentning 
Kajak rafting 
Bugsering Kajak bånd

Tekst fra producentens hjemmeside - Contact Tow

The primary application is a very short quick "contact" towline from a deck line of the rescuer to the bow or deckline of the casualty boat, putting the bow adjacent to the cockpit area of the rescuer. 

A diagonal contact across the deck pulls the casualty boat into the side & also offers the quick release to be viewed on the front deck. To activate the quick release pull the cord or pull the yellow webbing tail to release the cam buckle. With a slight applied tension the yellow webbing will then slide through & disconnect the system.

For the Sea Kayak Contact Line to have the correct effective strength the cam buckle must be backed up by the metal bar. Failure to thread the yellow webbing through the metal bar may result in the webbing sliding through the buckle under load. Flat side of the metal bar flush with the edge of the buckle

Safety Notice

Practise applying the quick release using the cord and using the tail - only a slight force is required. If excessive force is used then it is possible to pull the cam lever off the base of the buckle. 

This device is set up for moderate sea conditions. In very rough seas the contact line may experience whip lash from a violent sudden pull. In these conditions set the line before the start of the day to the deployed length and retain one O ring over the cam lever. The quick release will require slightly more pull to overcome the O ring.

Carabiner Maintenance
Sea salt crystals can form & block up the carabiners springs and so we highly recommend rinse in hot water after use, washing the spring mechanism & spray with silicone spray.  
With the DMM carabiner the spring is inside the gate in a tube and must be cleaned with hot water, allowed to drain to clear out any dirt and salt and then lubricated with silicone or oil. If the spring is not cleaned then it will become blocked and stiff; if the gate is then forced open the black retainer will be damaged. After washing hang the carabiner vertically to allow it to drain (see below). These carabiners do demand more care and maintenance and the benefit is they are bigger and easier to handle, and look really nice, compared with smaller stainless connectors. There is a trade off between being better to use and higher maintenance.

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